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My name is Ashley and they say I am a SOULMATE dog who will give you more love than you have ever gotten in your life! I have had plenty of practice you see, as those mix pups listed here are ALL MINE! And I have loved them into being such GOOD puppies who are now ready for a home! And I am ready to devote myself back to MY PERSON where ever you are! I am looking for YOU!

They say I maybe part Pyr because I have double dew claws on my back feet (yep 6 toes! Isn't that lucky? Even my puppies have that lucky trait!)  but I am not that big! I am normal Dalmatian size!

Being a younger gal I have tons of other dogs to play with in the kennels at playtime. But I do spent A LOT of time sitting and looking longingly at the house where I would RATHER be. I am a perfect house dog, and I am friendly and loving and sweet. OK, so I AM part Dalmatian so when REALLY REALLY scared I should be watched closely with strange small kids who don't give me time to find out if they are going to hurt me or not.  Due to this, they say no small kids under 5! But other dogs and cats are just fine.. and once I settled in at my new home I would LOVE LOVE LOVE kids I know! I am a very protective mommy and will bark and bark at an intruder or stranger until you tell me they are ok!

If you don't have young kids and are looking for someone like me, you can come get me and let me show you how to ENJOY live and have FUN and get tons of hugs and doggie kisses and waggy tails and butts! I am a really good girl just looking for a really good home! And a PERSON to call my own, to love, and hug and squeeze and call mine! Are you that home? Hope so!!!!!


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