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RJ is a male bull terrier mix. He was born in 2012 and is housebroken. He does well with most all dogs. He will chase a cat but stops when told "no". He is very playful and happy. He is quick to learn and loves people kids and even the cats can sleep with him once he gets to know them!

RJ was fostered in a small dog home for a couple weeks when the kennels were closed and they said he was by far the best dog they ever fostered,  loving, playful, obedient, sweet, considerate, kind, understanding, intelligent, helpful, protective, low maintenance... wait! We ARE talking about a DOG right?

RJ is an amazing animal. One would never know from looking at him or from how and where he was found. Still a youngster, how did he learn so much so fast and be so good??? Found dragging a thick heavy chain across a busy highway, dirty, scared, hungry and apparently neglected why would he have been chained? RJ would never run off, jump a fence, or fight another dog on purpose. He is a very well mannered, loving, housebroken little boy!

We all shake our heads in wonder. Come see RJ and shake your head in wonder too! The walk him right out of that kennel and into your life! You will never regret it and wonder how you lived so long without him! We have to keep telling ourselves he really IS a dog.. you may have to as well!

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